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Does Today’s Bachelor’s Degree = Yesterday’s High School Diploma

I don’t believe anyone that says they are the internet marketing guru that knows all there is to know about online marketing techniques and internet businesses. It pays to invest time and money into learning online marketing your way, at your speed and at your level. Internet marketing is always changing and that is why it is so important to find a learning site that you can rely upon to help you through the tough spots.’

I feel totally free to talk about internet marketing schools as I have experienced some websites that were not only less than helpful but proceeded to confuse me totally. But, I have also found others that I wouldn’t be without.

Here are my top ten attributes for an online marketing course or an internet marketing school.

  1. Is it your thing? Does it feel right to be there? Part of any learning experience are the friends you made there, the help and support you nohu received from them as well as the ability to decrease your stress levels when things are getting too hard. Definitely don’t undermine the importance of this. No, it does not mean that you are a hard hearted internet marketer who is only out to “make friends” to build a network. Think of everyone you meet online as a long-term friend and opportunities will present themselves to you at the right times.
  2. Does the learning style work for you? Everyone learns in a different way. Good online marketing schools or courses will take that into account when formulating learning resources and cater to the learning needs of everyone. This should include video, written and audio tutorials as well as a very good support forum where you can ask more specific questions if need be and invite you to expand on learning resources if you need to.
  3. Are the learning resources what you want? Basically, if a site professes to deliver all the learning materials required to develop a successful online marketing business – then this should be the case. If the internet marketing school or course has a risk free time period to trial the site, then use every minute you have spare to make sure that you have everything you need to progress your business.
  4. Does the internet marketing school or online course have a good reputation? Always research the internet marketing course you choose prior to leaping in boots and all. Google will generally have all the dirt or feedback you need to find out if the course or school has a good reputation or not. If you can’t find a mention of it anywhere, run a mile. It’s obviously not proven or up to much for your uses.
  5. Are the tutors/experts authentic and are they qualified to be teaching you? Again, you should research your tutors to see if they are bona fide experts in their field. Is there evidence to suggest that they are actually making money online with what they are teaching? Sometimes you may have to use your gut instincts on this as some expert marketers may not have a recognised diploma or degree in internet marketing. Sometimes it’s better to learn while doing.


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