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How Do They Sell a Fruit Machine For Just 115 GBP?

Here is the life cycle of a fruit machine.

All design, programming and construction of a fruit machine is done by the manufacturers at great expense. The machine is then sold to a large amusement machine operator for anywhere between £1600 & £2500 pounds.

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The operator rents the brand new machine to the most popular pub for an average price of just £65 pound per week for 6 weeks. They then replace the machine with another brand new one and move the machine to the next most popular pub where they may get £55 pound a week for the next 6 weeks.

This pattern continues with the rent on a sliding scale until the machine rental is around £25 pound a week. They continue to rent the machine for £25 pound for as long as they can and then sell the machine at a fraction of the initial purchase to a smaller operator who starts the cycle all over again, this time with less popular pubs.

After around 2 years the machine is at the end of its operational life and, even though it is in good working condition, it has practically no trade value. This is where online fruit machine sales companies come in. They buy the machines for a nominal fee, refurbish them and then sell them for just £115 pound making little profit but relying on a large turnover and delivery costs to keep in business.

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