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The CD Printing and CD Duplication Business As Experienced By A Consumer

September 2014 – We need to get some CDs printed as soon as possible

My name is Darren and I am the drummer for a band called “Nemesis Project”. We’re from Sheffield and have been together for about 3 years. What started out as some college friends playing a few cover songs occasionally when we were in the same room for more than 10 minutes, has turned into a potential professional career. We began writing our own songs together about 2 years ago and we turned out to be pretty good at it. We played a few gigs at our college and our local pubs and quickly developed a very enthusiastic following. At one of our more recent gigs, which was attended by about 400 to 500 people, we were inundated with requests for CDs of our music. The task of sourcing the CDs fell to me as I was the only member of the band with a good grasp of computer artwork packages and also because I work with computers and I’m a rather good photographer (so I’m told!)


This was too good an opportunity to miss to make the band some money (to pay our gig expenses) and to promote the band to get a bigger following and really start taking the music seriously. I did a little research through our band website, Facebook page and soundcloud page and came up with a figure of about 1000 CDs required to satisfy enquiries. Having had a good few enquiries at gigs as well we decided to order another 500 CDs to go onto the merchandise table at larger venues. With gigs coming up thick and fast, we felt that there was a good chance that we would sell them fairly quickly so we got ourselves into the studio and recorded 8 tracks. The recording process was fairly quick as we knew the songs inside out having been playing them solidly for about 6 months beforehand and we were very happy with our final master CD.

Getting The Ball Rolling

When I started looking into CD printing and duplication, Paper Bags in Vietnam I was amazed at the variety of options available to us in terms of packaging and also at the amount of potential suppliers there were. Digital downloads may be on the rise but there is still a big requirement for CDs so it would seem. I did a little internet research and found a company offering the services I believed we needed and they seemed to have a great reputation with their previous customers judging by the amount of positive reviews they had received on the internet. We had made some good money from our recent gigs and decided to invest it and get the job done properly rather than cutting corners and pinching pennies.

I called the company and spoke to a customer manager who briefly discussed our requirements and sent me some information via email about the printing processes and packaging types and their most appropriate uses. The information was concise and to the point which suited me fine as I didn’t want to trawl through pages of technical data. The customer manager then put me in touch with a member of their design team who briefly talked me through the artwork services she offered and how to go about designing an eye catching CD package.

Designing the CD – Using a Template

I’m fairly good with Photoshop and I like to think I’m quite creative so when the designer mentioned CD printing templates during our conversation I seized the opportunity to request that she email me a template for me to work with. We also discussed a few “do’s and don’ts” with regards to the use of photographic images and CD artwork in general. At this point I think it would prove useful if I bullet point the main subjects of our discussion:

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