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The Secret History Of Study

If you want to get the best grades these smart study skills will build sound study habits which almost guarantee you’ll get the best grades.  I’ve just spent time trawling the internet for the latest and best study skills available from recent research.  I’ve found 5 of the top new research backed study habits that you can build into your study techniques in next to no time.

Now here’s the smart part – forget what you ever learnt about good study skills because new scientific research has turned  those old ideas on their heads.  So here’s the latest thinking in a nutshell:

(1) alternate study environments,

(2) mix up the content,

(3) space out your study sessions,

(4) self-test as you go, and then

(5) back it up with motivation!

Recent scientific research shows that if you stick with these cognitive techniques and add a good dose of motivation then you will succeed in your study endeavors.  The reason these study techniques work is that they help to make the material ‘stick’ in your brain.  In real life, your brain is interacting with (a) your environment, (b) the material you’re working with, and (c) time.  These three things are all interacting at the same time.  So if you can learn the same material in two different rooms or environments it will stick with you longer and you will recall easier.

Similarly, if you mix up the content, you will be able to recall the subject matter more easily at a later date.  The reason is that your brain will make connections between different concepts which makes for easier recall compared to when you just focus intently on one particular area of study.

And then there are more ways to mix-it-up – space out your study sessions!  Don’t just cram and cram the same piece of study into one specific time frame and hope you’ll remember it.  Recent studies have shown that if you study the material for say an hour on one day and then revisit it for about 40 minutes a few days later and then revisit yet again for about 20 minutes the next week then you are on your way to great recall because your brain has learnt, re-learnt, and re-re- learnt the same material.  Each session of relearning helps to cement the material in your brain.  So two hours of study time for a particular subject spread across two weeks is better than two hours spent going over and over the same thing. study in Germany

We all hate those dreaded exams and spot tests don’t we?  But if you can get into the habit of self-testing as you learn the material then you will ace these pesky intrusions into our academic life.  So make a commitment to use any self-testing that comes with a text book or it can be as simple as covering some piece of information with your hand and trying to recall what’s there.  Besides this, if you get into the habit of trying to recall information on demand then the dreaded exams and tests won’t be so difficult to cope with.

Now that you got a list of study skills that are so super simple to implement, just top off your new study habits with a good dose of motivation and you’re on your way to an A-grade student before you know it.  Don’t study harder – study smarter!

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