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The Top Advantages of Investor Visas Over Other Visa Types

If you are curious about investor visas, also called eb5 visas, you might be interested to know their advantages. Specifically, you might want to know why an eb5 visa can be better for you than any other green card, such as the employment based or achievement based kind. Before you decide whether to start the process of applying for an eb5 visa, consider the main advantages of this type.

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An employment based green card typically requires you to already have a position in the United States. This means that you must apply for and get the job, usually from your home country. Considering that there are currently few jobs in the United States, this is particularly difficult to do right now. Additionally, you must also obtain a PERM labor certification when you take the path of employment based visas. This usually requires that you prove that no United States citizens are able to take the position that you are interested in since there are not enough U.S. workers available. Clearly, proving such a point could be very difficult in today’s economy, so avoiding that step is very helpful when you consider investor visas.

Some types of visas require that you have a successful business in your home country. In fact, that would likely be why you could enter the United States using a visa to begin with, as the United States often seeks out people who have a particular achievement or skill. However, when you come to the U.S. under visas that rely on you being a successful business owner, you usually have to keep the existing company open for a particular period of time. With the eb5 visa, not only do you not need to have a business at all, but you do not have to keep open any existing company that you happen to have. Investor visas are based on an investment, which means that as long as you can prove that you got your money from a legal source and you have the minimum amount, you have a good chance at gaining entry to the U.S. with the eb5 visa.

Similarly, investor visas do not require any sort of extraordinary ability when it comes to business skills. While some visas are based purely on the applicant having superior business skills that officials in the United States are interested in, the eb5 visa does not necessarily require any. Of course, if you plan to open a new business and run the daily operations, you should have some skills in business or it runs the risk of failing. However, many people with little business expertise decide to either take over an existing business, or let a selected regional center use investment money to complete projects without the help of the investor. It is up to you, and you can choose based on your business skills.

The eb5 visa is not necessarily for everyone. Of course you have to have the money upfront, and be willing to part with it so that you can get into the United States. However, it is a great visa category for immigrants who have access to money but possess few finely honed business skills. If this describes you, and gaining entry to the United States to go to school or relax interests you, the advantages of investor visas may intrigue you.

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